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SOS Europe, creative campaigning for Amnesty International Ireland

Last weekend Camilla lead a creative campaigning workshop for members of Amnesty International Ireland at the Annual Conference 2014. The campaign centered around the SOS Europe campaign and we are delighted with how it went. Through creative thinking exercises, participants were asked to consider how they could carry out their own creative campaigns for Amnesty going forward. As part of the workshop participants created small origami boats to symbolise those who have lost their lives at sea due to border control. These boats were signed by those present and more boats were made to ask others outside of the workshop to add their signature and join the campaign for SOS People before Borders. The finished piece (see below) was carried out to the river and was photographed to start a twitter campaign.

See more details about the SOS People before borders Campaign here.

Amnesty creative campaigning workshop

During the workshop

SOS Europe creative campaign

Work in progress


The finished piece

SOS creative campaign on the streets

Taking to the streets!

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