Trading Spaces

Trading Spaces Liberties Festival 2011

From April to June 2011, This Is Collective were commissioned by Create Ireland and The Liberties Festival to work with local traders in the Liberties as part of the Liberties Festival 2011.

Our focus was on finding the art of trade. Considering the various methods that traders use to attract and draw in customers, we collaborated with a petshop, (C&T petfoods), a butchers, (C&N Meats), a sweetshop, (Sweet Temptations), a fashion shop (Sandyz) and a card shop (New Dandelion). We drew on existing methods of drawing in customers, used by these five traders (as well as their products and interactions with customers) and amplify them in order to create on-site installations within a “pop-up shop”  in the New Dandelion building on Meath St, where the public were invited to call in and interact with the installations.

The Liberties festival ran from Sunday 12th – 19th June 2011.

The Traders

Trading Spaces Exhibition

Gallery of Trading Spaces
Trading Spaces This Is Collective

Trading Spaces Publication

Liberties Festival Website:

Create Ireland Website:


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