Festival of The Fires 2012

On the 5th of May 2012, This Is Collective went down to Festival of the Fires on the Hill of Uisneach in Westmeath to create a participatory installation piece in association with DePaul Ireland – a homeless charity with a progressive response to homelessness. 

Warp and Weft

Together with hundreds of enthusiastic and willing festival goers, we created a clan cloth to represent the created community of Festival of the Fires. The installation, entitled Warp and Weft, drew on ancient Irish traditions of weaving and craft as well as themes of oneness and interconnectivity that the Festival embodies.

This is Collective Festival of the FiresWe invited participants to write messages on pieces of fabric and weave these into the warp and weft of the cloth on a bamboo frame, creating an interwoven piece that merges the ideas and thoughts of everyone involved to create one whole entity. People wrote messages related to their own idea of ‘community’, as well as their aspirations, messages of positivity and general musings.

The idea for the piece comes from the terms used in textiles – warp and weft. The warp

This Is Collective Warp and Weft

of fabric is the vertical, anchor thread, and the weft is the horizontal thread that is woven through the warp. In Buddhism, the warp and weft are presented as a metaphor for community  – the warp being the structure, or idea of a community and the weft are the people that make it up. Therefore, we were essentially constructing a ‘fabric of society’.

We want to sincerely thank everyone who took part – the piece literally wouldn’t have happened without you! Also a huge thank you to DePaul who gave us the opportunity to be part of such a unique festival. Lastly, thanks to the Sun Gods who gave us such a decent weekend!!

 Warp and Weft, Festival of the Fires – Photo Gallery


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