This is our Manifesto

This is Art. This is new, this is evolving. This is about you, this is about us, this is collaborative. This is a response. This is interdisciplinary. This is for the people. This is exciting. This is connective. This is engagement. This Is Collective.


2 thoughts on “This is our Manifesto

  1. Mary Conneely says:

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Am REALLY looking forward to seeing and participating in the space – a space that lets us all know that art – in its many forms – is for everyone – i’m a ‘mature’? citizen who’s recently discovered – ‘I CAN DO IT!’ and LOVE to draw, paint, participate and spread the good news – that we’re ALL artistic – but we don’t all know it or have the opportunity – and now it’s here – if only for a while? – to communicate, to feel ‘part of’, that we’re all the same and yet all different, unique – I’m sure it will be enjoyable :=) mary

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